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  • One Million Wasted Journeys Is One Million Too Many

    Did you know that many women and girls in Malawi, Africa, walk nearly 4 miles a day? This is not done for leisure nor is it to meet their minimum n...
  • Support Small Business Saturday and Shop at our 'Ohana Marketplace

    This Saturday is Small Business Saturday!  First observed in the United States in 2010, Small Business Saturday is the first Saturday after Thanks...
  • Over 2400 Books Donated Since April!

    On November 6th, 2021, the Kōkua Initiative at Waiākea held a book drive in support of students at Hilo Union Elementary School and the Big Island ...
  • Pump Aid Highlights - Stories from Malawi

    Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and in addition to the challenges this creates, there is also a huge water crisis. The main ca...
  • This November, the Kōkua Initiative hosts a Book & Food Drive

    Over the past seven months, the Kōkua Initiative at Waiākea has donated 971 books to local students.  On November 6th, you can help push that tota...
  • Don't miss The Mana Up Showcase

    We’re excited to partner with Mana Up for the 2021 Showcase as a Co-Presenter of The People's Choice Award!  On November 4th, join us for this even...
  • Waiākea - The Official Water of the 41st Hawai'i International Film Festival

    Waiākea loves to support local businesses, non-profits, and creatives in and from our island home and we are proud to announce that we are The Offi...
  • 5 Everyday Tips for Living Sustainably

    Practicing sustainability is something all of us can do to contribute to protecting the environment we live in. Living sustainably doesn’t have to mean changing your whole lifestyle. Small everyday adjustments can make a big difference and we can all make an impact to protect the future for generations ahead.
  • Waiākea 'Ohana - Meet Sumiko Inaba

    Sumiko “The Lady Samurai” Inaba welcomed Waiākea to  join her in a behind-the-scenes shoot on the island of Maui.  The Maui Native and King...
  • Why Athletes Love Waiākea 

    We all know that hydrating properly is essential to living healthfully and water is the best way to do so, but why does one certain brand stand out? Here are a few main reasons why the pros choose this Hawaiian Volcanic water. 

  • No Task Too Big

    Naturally alkaline, Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is dedicated to sustainability in all of our practices and serving those in need has been a foc...
  • The impact of giving back by Waiākea flows around the world

    Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was founded to create positive change for not only the environment but also for people in need at home through our ...

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