Waiākea Water Kōkua Initiative

'A 'ohe hana nui ke alu 'ia
No task is too big when done together by all

Mission Statement

The Waiākea Water Kōkua Initiative is committed to empowering the people of Hawaii through a 3 piko approach that encourages educational opportunities, 'āina-based conservation & sustainability, and support for the most vulnerable in our community.

Three Piko Approach

Piko 'ī: Po'o - Head

Serving our Kūpuna, or elders, and promoting cultural preservation

Piko 'ī represents an ancestral connection to the past–to those that came before us–and the value of Aloha.

Piko 'ō: Waena - Central

Serving and empowering our community, including promoting conservation and sustainability, health and wellness, and volunteer services.

Piko 'ō represents the naval connection to our source of life, to honor & respect our parents, and the wisdom we inherit from them; how we connect with the world we live in.

Piko 'ā: Ma'i - Future

Serving our youth by supporting educational opportunities, workshops, and internships.

Piko 'ā represents the creative and procreative connection to the future, to our future generations.

It’s a Kākou Thing

Each purchase directly funds our Kōkua Initiative, allowing us to donate food and water, basic hygiene supplies, volunteer hours, and much more, to support the people of Hawai'i.

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