Hawaiian Volcanic Coffee Beans

Sustainably sourced from the Hawaiian Islands, our collection of Hawaiian coffee is grown in rich volcanic soil which gives it the decadent aroma and unique flavor that most refer to as “kona coffee”.

What Makes It So Good?

Our 100% single origin Hawaiian Volcanic Coffee is grown exclusively on the lower slopes of ancient Wai'ale'ale on the “Garden Island” of Kaua'i. It is here where rich volcanic soil combines with abundant mountain rain and tropical sunshine to give you the most delicious island-grown Kaua'i coffee in the world. There’s a reason coffee lovers around the world hold Hawaiian coffee with such high regard - there truly is nothing like it.

Kukio Roast: Pleasantly sweet aroma with rounding hints of chocolate, dry berry, and floral notes
Medium roast, whole coffee bean
Non GMO Verified coffee beans
Rainforest Alliance
100% single origin from the Hawaiian Islands

100% recyclable packaging
Beware of greenwashing: 99% of coffee bags are not 100% recyclable or compostable
Less than 1% of coffee bags are easily recyclable. The standard is non-recyclable multi-layered packaging
Our coffee bags are 100% recyclable and don’t have the same valve system that others use that typically has to be removed, all while preserving freshness and quality comparable to traditional multilayer valve bags.
Going into this, we expected to change the game like we did with bottled water by using bags made with recycled material. We didn’t realize the coffee industry was so behind in sustainability that most bags aren’t recyclable until we really started to dig in. Sourcing a recyclable back held up our launch for months. We’re not stopping there, of course, and will soon have a bag that is made with recycled material. We’re all in on the circular economy.

Patented smokeless coffee roast process
80% smaller carbon footprint
80% smaller energy footprint vs conventional roasters

Certified CarbonNeturalTM supply chain
100% recycled water drip irrigation farm using regenerative soil practices:

Have a question for our Hawaiian coffee experts? Contact our team today and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Mahalo!