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soul FULL

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As the sun sets, the full moon rises.  This piece continues the exploration of negative space and diving deeper into the oceans of consciousness.  

"The funny thing about the moon is that we call it full only once a month, yet, in reality, the moon's shape, its fullness is never changing.  Rather it is our perspective and where we are at that impacts the Light we see reflected.  Metaphorically speaking, how might this extend to other situations in our lives?  Where might the moon already be full, but we don't quite see it because of our own limited view and reflection?"  - jmaw

A 1/1 spray paint on art board painting.



W x H - 9" x 12"


Join the creative adventure that is soul what, as we explore 'soul speak from a to z' through art capsules of writing, painting, photography, and limited release items and installations.  Founded by jmaw and inspired by his journey, soul what follows the invisible thread of aloha as it weaves through and connects us all.

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