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The Flow

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Flow is an interesting concept and achieving a flow state is something athletes also speak of but it's a state of being that is accessible to us all.  In this case, the Flow depicts lava, as it flows to the surface, breaking the crust of the earth, while also cooling and hardening to form the new ground.  

"Abstract painting is a bit more the flow that I strive for when painting but this came to me one night while sketching.  It was one of the first times where I felt like I was merging planning with flowing while creating."  jmaw shares.

A 1/1 mixed media acrylic paint and beads on canvas original painting.


W x H - 11"x14"

Join the creative adventure that is soul what, as we explore 'soul speak from a to z' through art capsules of writing, painting, photography, and limited release items and installations.  Founded by jmaw and inspired by his journey, soul what follows the invisible thread of aloha as it weaves through and connects us all.

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