Why Athletes Love Waiākea 

While swiping through your feed, you are probably noticing more athletes like Myles Garrett, Kolton Wong, Klay Thompson, and Coco Ho enjoying Waiākea water. We all know that hydrating properly is essential to living healthfully and water is the best way to do so, but why does one certain brand stand out? Here are a few main reasons why the pros choose this Hawaiian Volcanic water. 

Woman sitting on all with softball gear and drinking Waiākea  water

Naturally Alkaline  

Drinking alkaline water is known to improve hydration, and in turn enhance anaerobic performance and recovery. (1) Our water ranges between pH of 7.6 - 8.2 allowing your body to absorb and hydrate more efficiently. Curious as to why our pH levels are shown as a range? That answer is easy-- since our water is 100% naturally alkaline, we let Mother Nature add in those bicarbonate ions, instead of adding in additional ingredients to increase their pH like other water brands.

Klay Thompson on a bike


After a strenuous workout or a night out on the town, you often hear the word electrolyte thrown around, but why is it so important to our health? Electrolytes as their name suggests are electrically charged minerals that aid in recovery and building of muscles and regulating fluids in your body. Electrolytes also help with the muscle contractions, allowing your heart to beat stronger and your muscles build quicker. (2) According to nutritionist Anne-Marie Berte, “Two electrolytes in Waiākea water are magnesium and potassium. They feed off one another, are readily absorbed by our bodies, and are essential to replace during and after a workout.”
woman surfer sitting on beach drinking Waiākea  water

Daily Value of Silica

That easy to drink feeling, while sipping Waiākea is an effect of our naturally occurring silica. While our water is being filtered through the thousands of layers of volcanic rock it picks up trace amounts of silica, and other important minerals that many other waters in the industry lack. This amazing mineral balances hormones, aids in skin elasticity, bone strength, and hair and nail growth.(3) 


man drinking Waiākea  water

A Brand they Can Get Behind

In addition to all of these benefits, Waiākea takes a stand to live positively. Positive for the Planet and Positive for the People, both reflected in our stand to do well ethically and sustainably. Being industry leaders in sustainability by creating a new bottle material, OceanPlast®, where the bottles are made from 100% recycled material.  Waiākea’s award-winning Kōkua Initiative helps distribute items and funds programs to aid the local people of Hawai'i. 


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