The New Look Waiākea 'Ohana Marketplace

Our online Mākeke has a brand new look - check it out now

Highlighting unique local brands and creatives, our 'Ohana Marketplace is a great space for products you can only find here in Hawai'i.  Some of our newest vendors include:


This family owned company has let the world in on its secret seasoning.  It's 'guarans ball barans' the perfect touch to any dish and ready for the grill!

Kahuku Farms 

With four generations of farmers, Kahuku Farms has a history of providing some of the freshest produce from the North Shore of Oahu.  Enjoy some of their amazing island grown goodness in a variety of products!

Aloha Nohië

A modern activewear and lifestyle brand from the Island of Maui, the team at Aloha Nohië has created an exclusive release for Waiākea!  Shop the drop now!

Old Queen Street Stadium 

This group of socially conscious young entrepreneurs founded Old Queen Street Stadium to give new life to vintage and upcycled clothing, while also paying homage to the sports history of Hawai'i and inspiring others to consume less from the fast fashion trend.  Check out their Big Island themed collection online here!

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