Meet our Mākeke

In recent years, our award-winning Kōkua Initiative and volunteers from our team and the community have worked to support local people throughout the islands. 

Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water and the Hilo Crescent City LionsFrom providing water to holding drives for food, clothing, and other essential items, and partnering with nonprofits, we continue to seek new ways to impact more people each year.

Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water works with Ma'i Movement to End Period Poverty in Hawai'i

In light of the COVID era, it’s reasonable to say that we all have felt the impact of each wave of the pandemic.  Some of those hit the most have been our small business owners.  

In the first year of the pandemic, it was estimated that 25% of local small businesses closed their doors.  As we observed this, we thought about the different ways we could support small business in Hawai’i by using the resources we have available and thus, the Waiākea Mākeke was born.  

Also referred to as our 'Ohana Marketplace, we created this space as an opportunity to highlight smaller brands and vendors who share items uniquely from home.  Our local vendors offer a wide variety of goods from custom, handmade items to Hawai'i, Hawaiian Food Favorites, Photography, Beach Lifestyle items, and more.  

Creation by Bruce Omori

Click here to visit the Waiākea 'Ohana Marketplace and see some of the awesome locally created products that we currently have featured in store and check back for more vendors as we are constantly onboarding new vendors..  In addition to supporting these local small businesses, a portion of each purchase from the Marketplace goes to support our Kōkua Initiative to serve local people in need.

Is your brand based here in Hawai'i and do you want to be a part of our Mākeke? Email today to learn more.