Becoming Present: Yoga and The Way of Aloha

Woman stretching her leg on the beach

Many parallels can be drawn between yogic philosophy and the core values underpinning Hawaiian culture. The Way of Aloha and Yoga both describe a state of being where we are presently aware of our intimate connection to a greater whole through love, or aloha. This is living life in the now.

Being present fosters a life of peace and calmness, finding clarity and joy in our every day tasks and eliminating fear and anxiety. Once we become present, so many magical things fall into place; we cultivate gratitude for even the smallest things, from our warm cup of coffee in the morning to the breathtaking sunset on the drive home from work. This sense of gratitude grounds us in the present and feeds into an unending loop of abundance and bliss.

In the Digital Age we have found ourselves overstimulated, overloaded, and consistently 'plugged in and checked out', living in the past or planning our future, accelerated by our friend's Snapchat stories, Instagram posts, and Tweets. This is not reality, and this is not 'now'. A growing longing for greater meaning beyond the noise and busyness of life is evident.


Through 'Seva', or selfless service for others, we achieve a profound state of presence. We eliminate personal motive and ego, simply existing in the joyful act of giving. By shifting our focus from ourselves, and directing it towards something bigger and greater, we quieten the internal chatter of self-criticism and self-obsession, moving from 'me' and 'mine to 'us' and 'we'.

Giving back can teach us gratitude for the things we do have, lending perspective on what is actually important to us, and in some circumstances, forcing us to engage with our community when we otherwise wouldn't!

It comes as no surprise that we are seeing growth in the number of philanthropic programs and ethically-conscious businesses. Our world is awakening to a need for change. Yoga, and quite similarly The Way of Aloha, offers us a path towards a present state of being, of which selfless service is a key to the door.


Here at Waiakea, we are thrilled to collaborate with Lulumemon in sponsoring Igolu, an event to empower yogis, of which all proceeds will be going towards building a school in Ethiopia with Imagine1Day USA. Waiakea values partnerships with brands that give back to the community, in particular those that focus on creating change in developing communities.

Imagine1Day's program aligns with Waiakea's initiative to provide clean drinking water for those without access. Read more about Waiakea's projects in Malawi here.

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