Completely isolated from the rest of the world, Waiākea® offers purity in its ultimate form.

Located just outside the quiet town of Hilo and surrounded by rich, bio-diverse forest preserves, a deep well source sits at the eastern base of the Mauna Loa volcano, one of the purest environments on Earth.

Originating atop the volcano as rain and snowmelt – the water slowly filters through thousands of feet of porous, volcanic rock, re-emerging at the surface as refreshingly crisp, naturally alkaline water.

As keiki o ka 'āina, or “children of the land,” it is our responsibility to protect the natural resources of Hawaii – and as protectors of our pristine source, we promise to responsibly share Waiākea with you, never depleting our precious gift.

This secluded well taps into the Kea'au aquifer, which is fed by snowmelt and rain from the peak of the Mauna Loa Volcano.

The meaning of this is significant–our source could provide enough water in a month to satisfy the amount of water that is consumed globally in a year. HOWEVER, WE BOTTLE LESS THAN .003% OF THIS.

The slopes feeding our aquifer capture over 200 inches of pure water each year, converting into a daily sustainable yield of 393 million gallons per day. (5)

Waiakea is continuously flowing and takes less than 30 days to arrive from where it originates. This gives Waiākea a superior rating in virginality, and a soft and smooth taste with a hint of sweet.


It is then bottled at our Kalanianaole facility, one of the most
advanced food and beverage facilities in all of Hawai'i.