Brianna Cope

Brianna Cope with Waiakea water

Meet Brianna Cope

Professional surfer, Brianna Cope was born and raised on the South Shore of Kaua'i. Growing up near the ocean, she fell in love with its beauty and power. Brianna started surfing at the age of 4 when her dad and older sister, Gabrielle, taught her how to surf on a longboard.. "I fell in love with the ocean and how free and alive it made me feel!" says Cope.

She started competing at the age of 10, winning her first surf competition when she was 11 years old. From that moment, she knew she wanted to be a professional surfer and has been competing ever since! Brianna now competes on the World Surf League challenger series.

"Surfing is a place for me to feel free and be myself! I was born with a birth defect and have a deformed left hand. Surfing has given me a place to express myself and feel whole."

Through her partnership with Waiākea, she will continue to spread positivity and be a role model by teaming up to improve animal welfare and stop bullying on Kaua'i.

Fun Facts

Animal lover (she has 2 dogs and 4 cats!)

She loves to cook and have fun in the kitchen

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