Why Our Bodies Are Too Acidic and Why It Matters

In order to be healthy, the human body must maintain an acid-alkaline equilibrium. Most people’s bodies are excessively acidic. This is due to the simultaneous scarcity of alkaline minerals and abundance of acid-forming minerals available in the typical modern lifestyle. Our diets have evolved to cater to the need for convenience, rich in refined sugars, simple carbohydrates, and trans fats, all of which are acidifying foods.

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In addition to diet, exposure to chemicals in our environment and stress also have a clear effect on our acid-alkaline equilibrium. Toxic metals, ingested through the air we breathe and the tap water that we drink, cause acidic reactions in the body. A minor upset in the digestive process, such as an agitation of the intestinal flora or even a harried rush out the door, significantly worsens the creation of these acidifying substances. Even something as seemingly unrelated as a mildly annoying chronic infection (think a recurring sinus infection or swollen gums) release endotoxins and exotoxins into the body, which have an acidifying effect.

Why It Matters

An excessively acidic body is not just an abstract concept, but is rather a condition that has medical ramifications.

The body constantly works to maintain a physiological balance, and thus its natural reaction to excess acidity is to neutralize that acid in any way that it can. Lacking surplus alkaline minerals, the body cleverly works with what it has, which is usually the calcium found in one's bones. Over time, leaching calcium from one's bones results in health conditions like osteoporosis . This is just one example of the many side effects of an overly acidic body, but can vary from digestive issues to the inability to lose weight.

Overall, when we are acidic, our bodies are compromised and struggle to effectively assimilate vitamins or minerals from our food, decreasing the cell’s production of energy, and ability to detoxify or repair damaged cells. Without an acid-alkaline equilibrium, our body's foundation for health and immunity is compromised.

How Do We Become Alkaline

The first step to restoring an acid-alkaline balance is to eliminate acid-forming foods such as refined carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol, and coffee and replacing these with mineral-rich alkaline foods such as organic vegetables, high-quality meats, and naturally alkaline water.

In addition to diet change, plenty of sleep, proper hydration with naturally alkaline water, and avoiding environmental toxins such as chemically-laden cleaning agents and beauty products is the fast track to a more alkaline and healthier body.

In a recent publication in PEOPLE Magazine, Kelly Ripa sang praise for the life-changing benefits of a diet high in alkaline minerals. Read more about Kelly Ripa's Alkaline Cleanse, here.