Waiakea Installs Another 2 Water Pumps: Clean Water for Malawi

We're proud to share that another 2 new water pumps have been built and installed in Kasonda and Kathobwa, Malawi, providing 236 community members with clean and protected drinking water!

For every liter of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water sold, 1 week's supply of clean water is donated to our partner Pump Aid who builds safe, functional, and community-managed elephant water pumps, giving access to sanitary drinking water to those who were previously without.

To date, Waiakea has donated over 350 million liters of clean drinking water

"Sponsorship of a water pump project is the most direct way to help poor communities. Water poverty exacerbates the challenging conditions in which so many Malawians live. Increased illness from waterborne parasites leads to decreased productivity planting and tending to crops, and other vital income-generation activities. For children, particularly girls, it means days out of school. For women, as well as children, it means spending hours walking to and from a distant, often contaminated, water source — only to find that it has dried up. A 2011 baseline assessment carried out by Pump Aid in the Santhe Traditional Authority in Kasungu District shows that the distance between improved water sources in certain communities can be as much as 7 kilometers (pumpaid.org)." As a huge economic burden and threat to life, dirty water fuels poverty. Without you, these pumps wouldn't be possible. Mahalo for your contribution in helping individuals and families fulfil their basic human right to safe water, leading to measurable improvements in health and education, as well as increased social and economic opportunities.

Pump #2 in Kasonda, Mawali

Kasonda Pump Aid Elephant Pump Installed


You can visit Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water's website here to learn more about our sustainable and ethical initiatives beyond Pump Aid and water sanitation, or place an order at our online store.