Waiakea HighSchool Service Member of the Year Goes To... Geoli Ng & Taylor Rapp!

Each year, Waiakea High School takes pride in remembering and honoring remarkable individuals who have made a lasting impact on their school.  Among these revered figures is Carling Nabarro, an outstanding faculty member renowned for his unwavering dedication and selfless service throughout his lifetime.  Naborro’s embodiment of patience, kindness, and genuine care for the students of Waiakea High has left an indelible mark on the school’s ethos.  

Nabarro consistently exemplified the virtues of service and selflessness.  Revered for his role as a janitor, Nabarro approached his responsibilities with a deep sense of pride and commitment.  In the early hours of each day, he would arrive at the school, opening windows and meticulously cleaning the premises before the students’ arrival.  Late into the night, Nabarro could be found diligently tidying up after events, ensuring that the facilities were primed for the following day’s activities.  His unwavering dedication to his kuleana and his genuine affection for the students made him an exceptional role model within the school community.  Students would often pick-up after themselves to ensure that Nabarro wouldn’t have to work harder than he needed to.  In honor of  Nabarro’s legacy, Waiakea High School annually bestows the Service Member of the Year award upon an individual who exemplifies outstanding acts of service to the local community. This year, on May 26, 2023, Geoli Ng, the Kōkua Initiative Director, received this esteemed accolade for her exceptional contributions to Waiakea High School Athletics. “I am humbled to receive such a meaningful award”, says Geoli, “It is such an honor to serve others through little acts of kindness.  However, I am not alone in this journey, beside me stands multiple individuals who help and support efforts in serving others.  I am only as strong as those that stand beside me and feel extremely grateful for the support of my Waiakea ‘ohana”.


Geoli Ng's recognition was not the sole highlight of the event. She joined forces with Taylor Rapp, an NFL football safety for the Buffalo Bills, in a collaborative act of service that left an indelible mark on the Waiakea High School community. Rapp's generosity shone brightly as he donated football jersey tops while Waiakea’s iconic Kokua Initiative donated the jersey bottoms, footballs and water.  Rapp took the time to autograph each football for the entire school's Varsity and JV teams and coaches. Going above and beyond, Rapp personally financed the jersey tops, showcasing his genuine commitment to uplifting young athletes. It was through Geoli's network that Rapp found a deserving high school football team to support, enabling him to extend his service and offer words of encouragement to the local athletes in their pursuit of success and dreams. Rapp's message, "Work hard, focus, and make good choices that will help you reach your goals. I'm cheering for you. Go Waiakea Warriors!" resonated deeply within the hearts of the team members, fostering a sense of unity and motivation.taylor, geoli, and taylors wife

Waiakea High School's annual service recognition serves as a poignant tribute to Carling Nabarro, an esteemed faculty member whose selfless service continues to inspire. Through this tradition, the school honors exceptional individuals who embody the spirit of giving back. This year, Geoli Ng's well-deserved recognition and her collaboration with Taylor Rapp exemplify the profound impact that small acts of kindness can have on a community. Their efforts remind us of the power of unity, compassion, and the ability to inspire others to reach their full potential. As Waiakea High School continues to celebrate its cherished icons and nurture a culture of service, it perpetuates the legacy of Carling Nabarro, inspiring future generations to follow in his footsteps and make a positive difference in the world.