Waiākea gives back throughout Women's History Month

Did you know on average, about 30 period products are used each cycle? 

Earlier this year, we announced one of our newest partners, Ma'i Movement Hawai'i, and their mission to end period poverty.  During February, we held a Kōkua Initiative Drive here in Hilo in support of Ma'i Movement.  With the help of our local community, we were able to donate an additional 400 period products to support the most vulnerable in our community.  March is Women's History Month and we’ve pledged to sponsor a month’s worth of period products to 100 women and menstruators in the islands, totaling upwards of 3000 products.  

Ma'i Movement Drive with Waiākea

As Women's History Month continues, we are excited to be supporting She.Is.Beautiful, an organization that holds races for women from all walks of life. Our team will be hosting a Waiākea Hydration Station at the Finish Line of the 12th Annual She.Is.Beautiful 5k and 10k races on March 19, 2022.

She.Is.Beautiful race water sponsor

Founded by Melissa Leigh McConville, She.Is.Beautiful is dedicated to inspiring, uplifting and welcoming space for humans to come together to sweat their story in all the seasons of life.  Built from a foundation of love, joy, resiliency, and compassion, She.Is.Beautiful stands united with people running on the journey towards the best versions of themselves.  

The team at She.Is.Beautiful is also focused on being nimble and finding ways to to impact both its local and the global community.  In addition to the races in Santa Cruz, She.Is.Beautiful also hosts 5k and 10k races in Santa Barbara and since its inception, they have donated over $120,000 to Walnut Avenue Women and Family Center.

Click here to learn more about Run.She.Is if you can’t make it to Santa Cruz, no worries!  You can still live aloha and drink Waiākea at home.