Volcanic Water: Benefits Of Volcanic Rock Filtration

Many of the health benefits of Waiakea are a result of a naturally occurring filtration process that begins 2,400 miles from the nearest industrial landmass atop the Mauna Loa volcano. When it rains there, an almost everyday occurrence, the water flows down the volcano and through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock before exiting at its source. As it passes through the lava rock, the water is filtered to a degree that is almost incomparable to other filtration processes. It is during this process that Waiakea picks up minerals that give it its signature, natural alkalinity as well as a unique tasting profile.


Thanks to the volcanic rock,

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Waiakea is rich in electrolytes, including magnesium, calcium, potassium and silica. These minerals are all vital for optimizing health. More importantly, it is this mineral content that gives the water a high pH of 7.6-8.8, making it naturally alkaline. Together, this creates the smooth mouthfeel and hint of sweet Waiakea’s taste profile is known for!


Most alkaline bottled waters on the shelf today make their water alkaline through the process of electrolysis, or by adding in minerals and electrolytes via baking soda and other additives. While alkaline water can lead to marked health benefits, there are significant downsides to consuming artificially alkaline water that most consumers are unaware of. You can read more about the difference between natural and artificially alkaline water here.

While all the minerals in Waiakea are healthful, one in particular has serious, scientifically proven benefits: silica. Silica is the building block of life and is found in our hair, skin, and bones. Silica gives your skin and nails a youthful, healthy appearance as well as restores the necessary equilibrium between calcium and magnesium for balanced hormones.¹

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In addition to the advantages of being a naturally alkaline water, Waiakea garners the title of a ‘young’ water which only adds to its high quality. The youthfulness of Waiakea is a result of the rapid rate at which it percolates through the lava rock thanks to the high volume of rain that is constantly occurring atop the volcano.

This constant state of flow means that Waiakea is not stagnantly sitting in an aquifer, thereby reducing the time it has to pick up sediments and other contaminants along the filtration process. This process also means that ‘young’ water often has a more balanced mineral profile.

The bottom line: nature provides an unparalleled filtration process when it comes to volcanic rock. While you will surely enjoy the taste of Waiakea, you will undoubtedly benefit from the healthy hydration this naturally alkaline water has to offer. Ready to get your hands on some Waiakea? Visit your local Whole Foods or our online store to purchase: www. store.waiakeasprings.com

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