The Vida Mia, More Than Just a Yacht!

Have you ever been sitting on the beach in Oʻahu and seeing the glistening ocean water and wishing you were out there? So have we!
uncle mike pointing at the water in waikiki

The Vida Mia is how we were able to experience the beauty and grace of Oʻahuʻs water with our Ambassador ʻohana and team this past August. The Vida Mia is owner built and owner operated. She is a USCG certified vessel that is run by Brynn Rovito and her incredible team have generations of knowledge and extensive experience in boat repair, boat delivery , restoration, interior design and day to day operations. The Vida Mia is more than just an incredible luxury yacht.

vida mia from water

The rich history of the Vida Mia motor yacht is a tale of resilience, transformation, and the enduring allure of a bygone era. It all began in 1929 when the yacht was meticulously crafted by Stephen's Brothers Marine in Stockton, California. Its first owner, Williard V.B. Campbell, of Pebble Beach, California, kept the Vida Mia at the Saint Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, where it became a hub for entertaining friends in style for seven years.

old photo of the Vida Mia B&W

The Vida Mia belongs to a rare breed of commuter yachts from the early 1900s, with only about 20 of them left in the world today. What sets her apart is that she is the sole member of this exclusive club that calls Hawaii home. Her original owner, Campbell, spared no expense in making the yacht an epitome of elegance and luxury. It boasted the finest materials, including cedar, oak, and teak, and even featured a porcelain bathtub that spoke of opulence during the prohibition days.

However, the Vida Mia's story takes an intriguing turn during World War II when the War Shipping Administration commandeered her for military service, using her advanced radar system in the search for enemy submarines. After the war, she went through various owners and phases of neglect and restoration, with the most recent owner, Brynn Rovito, marking a historic milestone as the first woman to own this timeless vessel. Today, the Vida Mia continues to cruise the waters of Hawaii, a living testament to an era of elegance and adventure that still captivates the hearts of those who encounter her. The Vida Mia can also be spotted in feature films like Snatched (2007) and White Lotus (2020).

higher view of the vida mia

Our team had never experienced something like this before so we took full advantage of the time we had together to connect and appreciate the incredible vessel we were on. From karaoke to live music by Dillon Pakele the laughs and good times shared were unforgettable. Sunset on the boat was unlike any other and we highly recommend experiencing it on the Vida Mia for yourselves.
team aboard the Vida Mia at sunsetIf you're more of a morning person they also offer a coffee cruise which they team up with Honolulu Coffee Company. This early morning coastal voyage provides prime sea conditions for spotting marine life like dolphins, whales, and sea turtles while taking in stunning views of Diamond Head. Guests can explore the vessel's history, accompanied by a knowledgeable crew. They serve freshly brewed Kona coffee and locally baked pastries, along with a buffet-style breakfast featuring sweet and savory treats, lox bagels, and fresh fruits, complemented by decaf coffee, assorted teas, and gluten-free options.
sunset from the vida miaWe are honored that they will be offering Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water to everyone that comes aboard! Do you want to experience the history, amazing crew, and the best time on the water?

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