The Official Water of HIFF and Best Supporting Actor?

This November, we returned as The Official Water of the Hawai'i International Film Festival but did you know that you can also catch a Waiākea cameo on the big screen?  Festival-goers who watched THROUGH THE DOGGY DOOR had the chance to watch our short feature with The Inertia about our partnership with AccesSurf Hawai'i.
The Official Water of HIFFAnd earlier this year, we supported award-winning local filmmaker Zoë Eisenberg by hydrating her productions.  One of her short films produced during that time, RACKET, made its world premiere as part of the MADE IN HAWAI'I SHORTS PROGRAM 1 in this year's festival.  
Big Island Filmmaker's production RACKET


United States 2022 | English | 12M

Director: Zoë Eisenberg

When professional circus clown Lo rage-ends her relationship with her performing and romantic partner moments before they’re meant to take the stage, she is forced to improvise a solo act with a tennis racket. 

RACKET filmed at the Hilo Palace TheaterFun fact: RACKET was filmed at the historic Hilo Palace Theater and you can watch it there when it plays on November 19th (8:00pm).  Click here for more info.