The Lifestyle of A Daredevil: Brendon Hayward

Brendon Hayward doesn’t really have an average day. The whole eat, work, sleep, repeat thing just won't apply. This LA native spends his time embodying the spirit of adventure, letting each new day surprise him with what it has in store. To Brendon, average means a morning skydiving with Jay Alvarrez while riding an inflatable boat, making films with his coveted drone, hanging with friends, or skateboarding while holding onto a golf cart as he heads down from the hills to hit the waves. Everything Brendon does is done with a smile on his face and a level of enthusiasm that is contagious. The guy loves his life. Every minute of it.

Even as a kid, Brendon was always drawn to the activities that got his adrenaline pumping. He adores "anything that makes [him] feel alive and in the moment.” Brendon is hyper aware of the fact that as a culture, we are currently so caught up in the idea of what we should do or what we did. This ultimately draws our attention away from the present and what we are doing. He aims to live in the present instead of anywhere else.

Brendon knows that his exotic lifestyle is unique and to most, completely unattainable. That said, he has started a project which aims to take viewers on a journey of what he calls "the most epic day in and around Los Angeles.” The day will start with a hot air balloon sky dive in Perris followed by a snowboarding trip to Bear Mountain. Brendon will then rush down the mountain to cap off the adventure with a sunset skate and surf session in Venice. Then, a solid sampling of LA nightlife will be the cherry on top of the day's festivities. We think a Snapchat takeover by Brendon might be in order since all of the above sounds more than rad. But simply put: if you’re with Brendon, you know you’re in for a good time.

Regardless of the fact that most of us will probably never go hot air balloon skydiving (especially not in an inflatable boat or with Jay Alvarrez *sigh*), the lust for life Brendon exudes into the universe is one we should all adopt. It is the attitude of gratitude for each day, the craving for adventure, the ability to embrace the unknown, and the desire to live each day like it is your last. So take the plunge and dive into a new adventure each day. The time is now.

Watch the insane video of Brendon infamously skydiving on swans here.