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Some people may not believe it, but physicians recommend drinking around 8 cups of water, or about 2 liters, EVERY DAY! You may be wondering how to keep up when some of us barely remember to drink 1. The good news is we have just the thing. These 12 apps help you to track your water intake and each one of them has a little something special to set them apart.

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It’s now easier than ever to drink the ideal amount of water, and who knows? Maybe after hitting your goals, you’ll start to see improvements in how your feel and your overall health.

Here are the best water tracking apps to ensure that you are constantly on track to hit your daily recommended intake.


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This free app is popular because of its ease-of-use. It provides charts and personalized data for daily use and features the ability to customize your units based on the size and type of glass or bottle you have! Because it’s free and simple, it’s a great choice to start with.


Another free app we love is Daily Water, which is an awesome choice for iPhone users. The app provides histograms for checking your daily water consumption over time, along with 10 options for sound reminders! Daily Water also has a Dropbox integration to backup your data so you never lose it, no matter what happens to your phone. You’ll be able to easily track and store information about your water consumption–this is especially helpful when you want to see how much you improve over time!


This is a brand new app for iPhones that you’ll love! Water Minder offers a subtle reminder to make sure you drink your water. Bonus tip: if you have an Apple Watch, the app integrates with it so you can update your intake without ever having to touch your phone!


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Hydrate Daily is another popular app for you to try out! It has a ton of attractive features, such as completely customizable reminders to add a little bit of your personality, making it fun to use. The log offers a new look at water consumption data where you can enter the amount of water consumed every day. With its simplicity and attractiveness, no wonder why it’s so popular!


This app has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour! People constantly sing their praises about the app because it’s free and easy to use… what more do you really want, right? It’s integration with Apple Health makes it super easy to track your health stats and water intake in the same place. You can learn more about iDrated here.


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This app has a variety of popular features that can’t be ignored. Just enter your weight and its calculator determines a recommended amount that can be expressed in ounces or liters. Even physicians recommend the app for their patients. What’s more, the app allows the backup of all data. The Drink Water Reminder app is a top-rated choice for everyone who wants to ensure they’re hitting their water goals.


The gentle reminders are one of the most positive aspects of Aloe Bud, which aims to help track and improve overall health and wellness and is actually defined as a self-care app (which we love)! Another useful feature of this app is its recommendations for other helpful habits, such as taking a break from your screen, which we all need and tend to overlook.



This award-winning app has awesome features! It lets you set a goal and if you don’t know where to start, you can use its calculator to determine an appropriate goal, along with reminders to drink up. Because of its simplicity, the Water Coach is a top choice for Android users!


A great perk with this app is its great selection of features. It offers some incredible
information and a calculator to recommend your daily water intake based on weight, so you don’t have to do the guessing. You’ll also be able to track your progress toward goals with milestones and achievements within the app!


Aqualert provides a daily intake calculator based on your gender, weight, and activity level to provide your own personal daily recommendation, while also enabling a handy tracker and reminders. These features, along with a Google Fit Integration, mean hitting hydration targets will be easier than ever! It also has a convenient night mode to ensure you don’t receive a reminder in the middle of the night and disrupt your sleep (cause that’s equally important, right?).


In addition to the standard drink water reminders that every app has, the Hydro app includes the ability to set daily goals and compensate based on activity level and temperature! This way, you always know how much water you need whether you’re relaxing or if you decide to get a bit more exercise that day. The app also lets you transfer your information between devices and provides long-term information about your water intake with understandable charts and statistics.


Last but not least, Water Time Pro is an exciting app that provides guidance on caffeine intake and a handy drink constructor. We also have to mention it’s fun, animated interface! It offers all the features you need and more from a water reminder app.


These apps are fun and full of information! While some are solely focused on hydration, others help address your overall wellness–the best one will the be the app that fits your needs. Hopefully, we helped you find one that fits the bill! With all these options at your fingertips, staying properly hydrated is easier and more fun than ever.

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