Showcase of the Year! Mana Up 2023

Have you ever heard of Mana Up? They are a local initiative that supports entrepreneurs in Hawai’i to provide resources and tools to help them scale globally, all with a long-term goal to build a brighter future for our state. Each year they host a 6 month accelerator program which creates cohorts of local entrepreneurs who are motivated to reach for the stars. At the end of each cohortʻs program, Mana Up throws a huge showcase to highlight those individuals, their companies and their stories, while giving the community an amazing opportunity to support them and their growth!

showcase cohort 8
We had the honor of being proud showcase sponsors this year and it was a two day event for the books! Let us set the scene...
Night 1: Pow Wow Pitch and Concert Celebration
In partnership with Pow Wow Pitch, Mana Up provided an opportunity for over 30 entrepreneurs to pitch their businesses to a panel of judges that support Hawaiʻiʻs local economy. The top 6 were chosen and 4 were awarded prize money for their businesses.
pitch photo
Then in true Hawaiʻi style it was time to celebrate!
In partnership with Haku Collective, Kimie Miner, and Anuhea, Mana Up threw an unforgettable concert with people dancing in the front row and jamminʻ out all night long!
anuhea live
During this event we were able to provide a photobooth experience with @PhotoOpsHI & @HiavmaDesigns, keeping everyone hydrated with our Waiākea Iki Oceanplast bottles and photo keepsakes to last forever.
photobooth day 1 mana up
booth day 1 mana up
Night 2: Mana Up Showcase 2023!
Our team was up bright and early and headed over to the 3rd floor of Bloomingdales in Ala Moana where it had been transformed into a local business paradise. This was the grammyʻs red carpet for Hawaiʻiʻs Entrepreneurs. With new items, local favorites, and pupus (finger food) that were to die for, we knew it was going to be a night to remember! From smiles, laughing, to tears of pride and joy it was an event that each business deserved!
geoli and makana day 2 mana up
We were excited to be able to provide the same experience of a photobooth experience with @PhotoOpsHI & @HiavmaDesigns that gave everyone a photo keepsakes to last forever.
photoboth day 2
Mana Up knew that not everyone who wanted to support these local businesses would be able to attend in person so they are offered 2 additional opportunities for you to shop!
  1. They are offered a one-hour livestream on Facebook Live and YouTube, for the United States families on November 19th. The livestream featured a pre-show at 3:30 PM HST, leading into the main show at 4:00 PM HST.
  2. They are also hosted a one-hour livestream special for the families in Japan. This will feature fresh Hawaiʻi entrepreneur stories, local entertainment, shopping and much more livestreams with Japanese translations on Saturday, Nov. 18th at 10am (Japan Time).
We are committed to supporting the community of Hawaiʻi and seeing these entrepreneurs reach for the stars makes what we do worth it. Honored to be apart of this event each year and we hope to see you next year for the in person celebration of the year!

All Photos taken by Allan Garcia