Shane Borland, 17 Year Old Skater/Surfer, Is Chasing His Dreams

Shane Borland skating

Shane Borland, endearingly called “Shan-o” by friends and family, can be found cruising the California coast looking for swells, chasing big waves on the North Shore and around the world, or tearing up the skate park at national contests. At newly-turned 17 years of age, he’s a two sport-anomaly.

As to be expected, Shane’s caught the attention of surf and skate big names, all agreeing that this grom’s got skills, and a promising future ahead.

Shane brings something refreshing to the table, both as an individual and a top-ranked amateur skater and surfer. Whether it’s youthfulness, or an uncomplicated love for what he does, we enjoyed chatting with him for Waiakea’s #SweatClean Summer Series.

Waiakea: When did you start skating and surfing?

Shane: I was 3 years old when I first started surfing, but I’ve always kind of skated. I would hang out at the

Shane Borland by the beach with his skateboard

park and skate when my Dad and brother were in the water surfing.

W: Skate vs. surf? Do you have a favorite?

S: I don’t really have a favorite. I mean, surfing and competing is awesome because you get to travel a lot and meet new people. Fiji was pretty cool; probably one of my favorite places I’ve traveled to so far. We stayed on Tavarua Island which was super small. You can walk around the entire island. All of the locals were super nice.

The cool thing about skating is that the skate park is always there. Surfing is dependent on the waves. Skate culture is kind of unique too; everyone is really friendly and supportive even when you’re new. You don’t really run into localism which can happen when you’re out surfing sometimes.

W: Any shark encounters? Does it ever cross your mind?

S: I’ve seen them before when I’ve been out in the water, but haven’t had any issues.

Sometimes when it’s super deep, dark water and you’re sitting out there alone, it’ll cross your mind, but otherwise not really.

W: What is the number one thing that keeps you getting back on your board everyday?

S: I do it because I love it and that’s why I’m not going to stop. I’m committed, so I want to try and do the best I can. If the waves suck, I skate, so I’m always practicing.

W: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

S: I want to be traveling a lot. I love filming and making videos of surfing and skating. There’s a group of guys that travel, surf, and film that I look up to. I’d love to be doing that eventually.

W: What advice do you have for someone your age who wants to pursue their passion, but is afraid to do so?

S: Don’t be scared, go for it. The way I look at it, if you’re trying to be a surfer, surf a lot, and have fun. I see a lot of kids get burnt out because their parents are pushing them pretty hard to do well in contests. I think it’s important to remember to just have fun.