The impact of giving back by Waiākea flows around the world

Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was founded to create positive change for not only the environment but also for people in need at home through our Kōkua Initiative. We also serve communities beyond our shores in our partnership with the non-profit Pump Aid.  Since 2012, we’ve donated a week's supply of clean water for every bottle purchased through the installation of award winning elephant pumps in rural Malawi, which has the lowest per capita consumption of water in Africa.  Children in Malawi, AfricaPump Aid’s mission is to address water poverty, food security, aid dependency, and achieve lasting positive change in poor and disadvantaged communities by improving the quality, availability, and use of water and sanitation.  They harness the power of community and local businesses to provide access to affordable, innovative, and sustainable solutions, in ways that encourage self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and independence; ending aid dependency.  Their programs go far beyond solely providing water.

This year to-date, Waiākea's contributions to Pump Aid have helped over 800 children under the age of 5 at Pre-School Nurseries have access to safe water, toilets, and hand-washing facilities; provided access to safe and convenient water to 1800 people in surrounding communities; served 96,000 nutritious meals to young children; and helped over 1,000 women and girls, who previously had to travel far distances just to get water for the day, gain more convenient access to water nearby.Pump Mechanic in Malawi, AfricaPump Aid has also worked with local entrepreneurs in Malawi to gain technical and business training to become pump mechanics.  The mechanics help to maintain and repair any water pumps, which helps to ensure reliability and functionality. Through this part of Pump Aid’s programs, we were able to help train 5 mechanics, who service 135 pumps, which provides clean and convenient access to water to more than 34,000 people.

Another program that we were able to contribute to is Pump Aid’s efforts to provide household pumps.  Communities rally together to invest and care for pumps, which cut down on that commute many women in the community previously had to take to get water for families.  This has allowed over 600 women to be able to spend more time at home, and girls in school.

Last but not least, we were able to assist 450 small-scale farmers with irrigation pumps, who can now regularly irrigate their crops. Farmer's crop in Malawi, AfricaThese farmers have seen over a 100% increase in crop yields, giving them food security and generating more income for their families and communities.

As no part of the world remains unscathed from the impacts of Covid-19, communities like those in Malawi are at huge risk of maintaining healthy hygiene practices without access to clean water.  Every purchase of Waiākea goes directly to help support Pump Aid's efforts and these types of programs are needed now more than ever. 

Learn more about Pump Aid online.