Pump Aid Highlights - Stories from Malawi

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and in addition to the challenges this creates, there is also a huge water crisis. Water pump in MalawiThe main cause for this is the low functionality of community water points, which is compounded by water access being limited to these water points.  In order to get water, Malawians, mostly women and girls, walk 5-8 miles a day just to get water at a working water point.  Walking to and from water points each day can take a huge toll on education, with many young women dropping out of school before completing high school.  This creates a cycle where the people have even greater challenges to escape poverty because education is limited.  In a worst-case scenario, many people end up collecting water, which is not safe or drinkable, and can have serious health effects.

Waiākea was founded to create positive change for not only the environment but also for people in need throughout the world, which is why we partnered with Pump Aid to help address this issue in Malawi.

Waiākea gives back through Pump AidTo ensure total sustainability, one of the key programs that Pump Aid offers is through its water entrepreneur training scheme, which works to train a network of entrepreneurs, who then are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining water points and increase pump functionality, which serves to offer more convenient access to safe water.  Many of the entrepreneurs have worked as mechanics previously but have struggled to find work due to limited technical skills related to a certain type of pump, and an absence of business training.  Pump Aid works to cover technical training and business skills.  Once entrepreneurs have taking the initial training, they receive refresher courses and are offered ongoing mentorship for two years to guide them in running a successful business.  PumpAid Entrepreneur in Malawi"I benefitted a lot from the training that was organized by Beyond Water; not only were we taught how to install and repair pumps, but we were also taught how we can use the skills and invest and start a business." Timoteyo Bywell, Pump Aid Entrepreneur (pictured).  This program has also helped Timoteyo have financial security and create work for two assistants to help with the increased workload.

We are stoked to be a part impacting the lives of Timoteyo and the people of Malawi through our partnership with Pump Aid. 

By drinking Waiākea's naturally alkaline water, you can help to effect change around the world!  Every liter of water purchased, helps to provide up to one week's worth of clean water access in Malawi, Africa, through our partnership with Pump Aid. 

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