No matter how big or small, we strive to impact them all

Hilo Crescent City Lions and Waiākea

Every child deserves to feel loved and have a sense of belonging.”  Geoli Ng, the Director of Kōkua Initiative at Waiākea

Did you know that in Hawai'i, there are approximately 1,500 keiki, who are in need of foster care?  Of those children in the foster care system, nearly 50% are of Native Hawaiian descent.  

This April, for  our monthly Drive in Hilo, the Waiākea 'Ohana was proud to support Project Pilina, a program of Partners In Development Foundation, who recruits applicants to serve as resource caregivers (foster parents).  Once applicants are selected, they are guided through the first steps of the general licensing process to provide foster care in Hawaiʻi. The work of Project doesn't’ stop there.  The team continues to provide a support system for the children and families in the foster care system to ensure long term success.

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Each 1st Saturday of the month, the Kōkua Initiative of Waiākea, in partnership with the Hilo Crescent City Lions, hold a drive for The Food Basket, Hawai'i Island’s Food Bank, and an additional non-profit organization, to support their needs. 100% of all donations go directly to these organizations.

Food Basket Drive with Kōkua IntiativeAt our most recent Drive, approximately $600 was raised, 210 lbs of food donated, and essentials including shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more to support The Food Basket and Project Pilina.

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