Malawi: Deadly Flooding Cuts Off Access to Clean Water Supply

Malawi is currently facing deadly flooding after weeks of torrential rain compounded by the Tropical Cyclone Bansi, with another storm looming on the horizon - Tropical Cyclone Chedza, expected to be far more destructive than the former.

Unprotected Water Sources

Half of the country has been cut off from access to health care, clean water, or food. Flooding poses huge risks beyond the physical destruction of infrastructures. Waterborne diseases are multiplying, and unprotected water sources are contaminated.

Pump Aid, Waiakea's partner in providing clean water to those in need, has made huge strides in providing clean water sources, that are protected from contamination and flooding, for communities in Malawi. Their work is needed more then ever.

Rob Stroud, Pump Aid’s Technical Advisor in Malawi comments:

“Rains this year have been especially heavy. In the areas where Pump Aid works we have seen the contamination of many unprotected wells as a result of flooding and the health problems this causes. Changing rain patterns are having a devastating impact on the lives of poor communities in Malawi. As well as health consequences, small scale farmers are loosing crops as a result of flooding. Families will go hungry. Here at Pump Aid we’re working to make sure water resources are protected and people have safe water to drink.”

How You Can Help

Help provide Malawians with safe water and save thousands of lives. Click on the link to donate directly to Pump Aid, here:

In support of relief efforts, Waiakea Springs is offering a 20% discount on all orders of Hawaiian Volcanic Water. For each liter purchased, Waiakea donates 1 week's supply of clean, safe water to the communities in Malawi without access.

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