Kelly Ripa Says Alkaline Cleanse 'Changed My Life'

Kelly Ripa on the red carpet

"Kelly Ripa says a high-alkaline cleanse has changed her life — but what is it? And does it work?"

What is considered a "trending" diet, high alkaline foods and waters are quickly becoming popular among celebrities and health-concious consumers.

A high-alkaline diet consists of eating alkalizing foods such as berries, citrus fruits and leafy vegetables, while avoiding acidic foods like refined carbohydrates, sugar, and coffee.

In an interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Ryan Emmons, CEO and founder of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, was asked what health benefits consumers have experienced by drinking naturally alkaline water.

Ryan states, "Alkaline water boosts your immune system to help prevent colds, flus and other viruses. It can also help prevent chronic diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and cancer.

We hope to do more advanced studies soon because of the feedback we have gotten from cancer patients, weight loss customers, and those with acid reflux, amongst others to prove the timeframe for these health benefits."

Ryan adds, "In order to be healthy, the body must have a balanced pH — it must be equally acidic and alkaline. High stress levels, environmental toxins, and especially the overconsumption of processed foods, have resulted in most of our bodies being overly acidic,” he says. “When we are overly acidic, our bodies are compromised and struggle to effectively assimilate vitamins or minerals from our food, decreasing the cell’s production of energy, and ability to detoxify or repair damaged cells.”

To learn more about Kelly Ripa's alkaline cleanse and Waiakea's take on the health benefits of naturally alkaline water, read the full publication at PEOPLE Magazine here.

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