How Can A Water Bottle Be Sustainable?

How Can A Water Bottle Be Sustainable ? 

With over 8.3 BILLION metric tons of plastic in the world, we are facing a grave future for our oceans. With the Great Pacific Garbage Patch expanding rapidly and standard water bottles taking over 450 years to decompose, we set out to create a more sustainable water bottle option.

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OceanPlast® Bottles

Since the beginning of Waiākea, we have always used 100% recycled plastic (rPET) to create our signature bottles. In 2021, we took a step even further in the eco-friendly direction and created the world’s first OceanPlast®. Using upwards of the equivalent of 5 plastic bottles collected from oceanbound waterways we were able to create a bottle with the lowest eco-footprint on the market! Did you know, one of the easiest ways to tell if the bottle you’re drinking from is made from recycled plastic is from the color?

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Waiākea Blue

Most bottles that are completely clear are virgin or first-generation plastic. Waiākea’s sturdy shape and iconic blue, is not only for the aesthetic nature, but also because recycled bottles typically can take on other colors (think the green from a Sprite bottle or the brown from an A&W bottle), so we color the bottles blue to give it a cohesive color. Transparent light blue color, like our bottles, has the least amount of effect when coloring bottles. 

Just remember, the tell-tale signs if a bottle is made from virgin plastic is if it is clear and thin.


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CarbonNeutral Certified

People and planet, over profit. For a better tomorrow, we need to take care of our planet today. Priding ourselves in being Carbon Neutral Certified, we place an emphasis on electrification, conservation, and reforestation.Knowing that we need to do good for the Earth in order to have an impact on living a healthier life.


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Water Source

Hilo is the rainiest city in the United States, making it extremely sustainable to source water. The daily output of our deep well is 393M gallons per day and we only source 0.003% of the daily yield. Our operational efficiency allows for minimal water loss during our packaging process unlike others that waste 6-7 times the amount of water in the bottle. 

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Giveback Initiative

Through our Kōkua Initiative, we offer many programs that help keep our planet clean. Aiming to support as many local impacts as possible, this ranges from food and slippah drives, disaster response, literacy growth, and community projects. We host a weekly Sunday Beautification where our team helps clean up the streets of Hilo.  


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