Hawa Ali: The Story of a Future

Hawa Ali is a 50 year old woman from Mwalabu village. She represents a growing global network of people currently benefitting from the Pump Aid initiatives that are in conjunction with Waiakea. The work that Pump Aid does is critical during this global water crisis. Although access to clean water is a fundamental right, for many, it is a life or death daily struggle. But you can help change that this #GivingTuesday. When you buy a case of Waiakea, 50% of your purchase will go towards building life changing elephant pumps. Thanks to these pumps, Hawa says: “My family has a future.”

The future Hawa speaks of has some core components: economic success, health, and female empowerment.

Like many of the Mwalabu community, Hawa has her down dimba along the river where she grows maize and vegetables. But due to climate change and prolonged droughts, last year’s harvest was low yielding. This year is different: Hawa is able to mitigate some of the effects of climate change by using water drawn from the community’s elephant pump to grow her crops. In addition to being able to keep her family healthy and fed, Hawa secures economic stability by having enough crops to sell. She is able to send her kids to school with the proper material and purchase house hold necessities. Hawa has also seen a reduction in diarrhea diseases that often keep kids from reaching school age.

A finished pump

Instead of spending her days in the blazing sun trekking for water, Hawa is empowered by the time she now has to devote to being an active member of the community. She is thinking of mobilizing her fellow Mwalabu villagers to start communal tree nurseries. These nurseries would provide tree seedlings for planting trees throughout the village. Hawa hopes that these trees will help lessen the impact of climate change.

Join Waiakea this #GivingTuesday in making more stories like Hawa’s a reality. Click here to buy a case and give the priceless gift of water.