Five tips to know if you're drinking enough water

The human body is made up of mostly water.  From the brain and heart (73%) to our lungs (83%), kidneys (79%), and skin (64%), water flows throughout our physical being.  Even our bones (31%) have water (USGS Water Science School)!  

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine suggests that we drink between 11.5 cups / 2.7 liters (women) to 15.5 cups / 3.7 liters of water each day.  It’s also important to factor in things like heat, exercise, caffeine, and alcohol consumption, all of which can dehydrate our bodies at a faster rate.

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So how do you know if you’re getting enough water to stay hydrated?  Read these five quick tips to help you check-in.

The Color of your Pee

Gross to consider or not, this tip will give you a great look into what’s taking place within your body.  If your urine is pale yellow or near clear, you’re good to go.  If it’s dark, that’s a clear sign that you need to drink more water.  

Note: The shade of your urine can also tell you if you are drinking too much water.  If it’s transparent, ease back a bit because if you drink too much water, you’ll flush out electrolytes.

How often are you using the bathroom

The average person pees about 6-7 times each day

If you are using the bathroom every two or three hours, that means you’re getting enough hydration.  Anything longer than that, and it’s time to take a drink!  

After that drink, take a pinch

The pinch test is another way to check if you are hydrated enough.  Pinch or press into your skin and see how long it takes to go back to its normal state.  If it changes quickly, you’re getting enough water.  

What’s going on in your mouth?

Need a mint?  If your breath smells bad, you might not be getting enough water.  

Another factor to be aware of in regard to what’s going on in your mouth is how much you are salivating.  If your mouth is dry, that’s a clear sign you need to hydrate.

Are you thirsty?

If you’re thirsty, that’s a strong indication that you need to drink water AND that you could already be slightly dehydrated.  It takes about 45 minutes to go from that state of slight dehydration to being fully hydrated.  Keep that in mind if you have plans to exercise, go out in hot weather, or anything else that could contribute to dehydration.

stay hydrated with Waiākea water We hope these tips help.  Should you find yourself thirsty, just say Hana Hou to fill up regularly or subscribe to Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water and save as we send water your way each month to help keep you hydrated on the regular!