Clean Water: The Most Direct Way to Help Poor Communities

Children surrounding a Pump Aid pump

We are excited to share that 2 new Elephant Pumps have been installed in the villages of Kamganga and Disimasi, Malawi, collectively serving 276 people with clean water! Sponsorship of a water pump project is the most direct way to help poor communities. Clean water not only saves lives, but fosters economic growth and education.

The good we've witnessed through our partnership with Pump Aid has been incredibly rewarding, with over a billion liters of water donated to date.

Unlike other NGOs that have tried to improve rural water supply in Africa, Pump Aid has ensured the lasting sustainability of the pumps they install. Many of the pumps installed by NGOs end up abandoned when they break down: as many as 30% of pump-operated water points may not be functioning. Disrepair forces communities to return to open water sources that are vulnerable to contamination. In reality, a simple fix could put them back into operation. Thus, Pump Aid ensures that each community is trained in water pump operation, ensuring the sustainability of each pump. This means critical hygiene and sanitation practices are kept in tact and the opportunities for economic growth remain accessible.

Pump Aid’s focus on sustainability is something we also emphasize at Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. To learn more about the steps Waiakea takes to ensure the sustainability of its volcanic bottled water, as well as the nonprofits we partner with, visit our website at

"How is Waiakea giving back?"

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the brand and extends into global communities through our partnership with Pump Aid. When you are drinking Waiakea, you are giving sustainable access to clean water to those in need. For every liter of Waiakea sold, 1 week's supply of clean water is donated to those without.