Chris Mogaddam on Fitness and Entrepreneurship

Chris Mogaddam, successful entrepreneur and owner of 3 businesses, has been driven by his love for helping people, from day one.

When you hear “personal trainer” in Los Angeles, 3 words immediately come to mind: celebrities, abs, and Instagram.

Chris first started off as a general manager at a large sports club and soon after began training clients on the side. Although well established in the industry, he’s never been about any of the above 3 cliches.

Sure, Instagram and a personal brand is now a hugely powerful way to promote one’s business, but as Chris says “it’s not about my face or my body; it’s about them. I offer a support system by practicing what I preach, and that drives results.”

And as for the abs, Chris says that a solid 6 pack is awesome, but isn't necessarily the end all be all. He preaches functional strength, health, and by in part, a happier way of life.

Chris Mogaddam surfing

In LA, it’s easy to get wooed by the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity personal trainer. Chris realized he could have a much greater impact by becoming a “staple” and making himself available to the larger public.

With an influx of up and coming social media celebrities building a personal brand around health and fitness, Chris says he has stayed true to the notion that it is not about what him and his trainers look like, but about their client’s results; mentally, physically and socially. He has done well for it.

“Keeping a steady focus on simply helping others has always offered huge returns. I am a big advocate and strongly believe that it is always reciprocated in one way or another in life and in business.”

“I attribute all of my success to this, and to investing in people. I invest in the people whom I work with because they have chosen to work with me." Which leads into what has been one of Chris’s biggest struggles to watch in the industry; “Everybody wants to be doing the same thing in this industry, but nobody supports each other. They want to invest in businesses, and entirely forget about the “people” factor. I think it’s so important to collaborate, invest in people, and go out of your way to help others. It creates a supportive community.”

Chris’s words of advice for any entrepreneur: “Don’t lose sight of your purpose and always, always invest in people. They’re your greatest asset.”

Chris is owner of Double Ops Functional Training with partner and Men’s Health Icon Owen McKibbin. “DOP changes lives in mass numbers. Just about everybody can do it. It's fun and it drives results.”

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