Celebrating a Decade of Memories

This year, we celebrate our 10th anniversary!  Fun Fact: The start of the company is officially recognized as May 30th, 2012, the date of our first sale!  Take a look back at some of our innovations and highlights from the past decade:.  

Waiākea water has been sustainable from the start

The First 100% Post Consumer Recycled Bottle 

When we launched in 2012, we disrupted the US Market and bottled water industry with the introduction of the first 100% Post Consumer Recycled Bottle!

Waiākea's Spouted Box is great for on the go

Spouted Box and Upcycle Program

Packaged in recycled cardboard and sealed with a recyclable plastic liner that can be sent back to us and upcycled, our spouted box offers another sustainable option for consumers to enjoy our naturally alkaline water in bulk.  

Take Waiākea Hana Hou and refill on the go

Hana Hou  

Our Refillable Aluminum is a favorite of many both for its beautiful design and offering the opportunity to reuse the bottle.  With each refill, you save the equivalent carbon emission of driving 2 miles!

Pump Aid and Waiākea partner to address water crisis in Malawi.

One Million Lives impacted in Malawi, Africa 

Through our long-running partnership with the non-profit Pump Aid, we have been able to impact over a million people in Malawi through the installation of water pumps, training of engineers to maintain them, providing meals, and more!

Waiākea gives back through the Kōkua Initiative

Giving back throughout the Hawaiian Islands 

From early on, we have paid employees to do volunteer work in our local Hilo community.  As we have grown, we have also increased our efforts to giveback to local people across the islands through of our award-winning Kōkua Initiative.  In the Fall of 2020, we hired a full-time Director of Kōkua to lead the charge and we have impacted over 100,000 of the most vulnerable here in the islands.

Waiākea Coffee

Hawaiian Volcanic Coffee 

In Q1 of 2022, we launched Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Coffee!  Using our patented smokeless roasting process, our 100% single-origin Hawaiian coffee has an 80% smaller carbon footprint and 80% smaller energy footprint compared to convention roasting process.  For every pound of coffee, we donate a book through our Kōkua Initiative’s literacy program.

Klay Thompson drinks Waiākea water

Waiākea Ambassador 'Ohana

In recent years, you may have seen a few familiar faces join the Waiākea Ambassador ‘Ohana.  From local pro athletes like Hilo’s own Kolten Wong and the North Shore’s Coco Ho to the NFL’s Myles Garrett and NBA Superstar Klay Thompson, Waiākea is fast becoming the go to of some of the top athletes in the world.  The best part of working with the Waiākea ‘Ohana is their commitment to giveback matches our own and together we are doing work to help people in Hawai'i and the communities where they reside in-season.

Shane Myers photography

'Ohana Marketplace 

Waiākea kicked off our online Mākeke as a place to shine some light smaller brands and artists featuring some of the best and unique products that Hawai’i has to offer.  Our makers come from throughout the islands and every sale helps to support the work of our Kōkua Initiative.  

Waiākea is certified CarbonNeutral

Certified CarbonNeutral  

Since the start, we have worked with Natural Capital Partners and RSK, two of the world’s leading emissions consultants, to first measure and then reduce both the direct and indirect environmental impact of both its business, and its product, to net zero.  

the world's first oceanplast bottle by Waiākea

The World's First OceanPlast® Bottle

We end this list where we began, by innovating with recycled materials, in this case, introducing the first bottle made out of 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic!  Each OceanPlast® bottle helps to remove 5 plastic bottles from entering the ocean.  

Live Aloha with Waiākea

It’s been an exciting first decade for sure and we can’t wait to see what comes next. Mahalo for drinking Waiākea - We’re stoked to be on this journey with you!