California Dreaming

Waiakea is pumped to bring on board two new members to the Waiakea Ohana, Zach and Ben. For these two it’s a transportation fixation: surf boards, skate boards, fixies, motorcycles, you name it. Harking back to the 70’s, these guys live in such a way reminiscent of the California the Red Hot Chili Peppers sing about; good vibes and fast times.

Zach, Ben, and friends working and lounging out by the pool

A bungalow tucked away on one of Venice’s leafy walk streets, the beach is only a short bare-footed stroll from the front porch of Zach and Ben’s little piece of paradise. Although both work full time jobs during the week, life is still often punctuated with surf trips to Bali or spontaneous road trips up the PCH in Ben’s VW Bus.

Ben Petraglia is a Venetian Angelino, who has spent 25 years on this great green rock. Ben was originally sprouted in the garden state (New Jersey), before being uprooted and shipped to the left coast to attend Chapman University in 2009. He has nothing but simple aspirations to be a coffee-fueled explorer who travels the world. Hobbies include; Motorcycles, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, exploring, and many other fruitful endeavors. Ben also happens to be the Head of Marketing at Solé Bicycles. Check out Ben at @streetveggies on Instagram.

Zach Williams is a surfer, designer and lover of life who can be seen skating around Venice Beach with Chinese food take-out on any given day. Born and raised in the Heart of Dixie by his two legend grandparents, Zach is a designer at the World Surf League creating artwork for the Pro Tour. Likes: bananas, going fast, tattoos, good-hearted people, tropical places and honesty. He is likely plotting a new expedition to some distant Indian Ocean island at this very moment. Follow Zach’s adventures at @heyzachwilliams.

Waiakea Ohana Zach and Ben In Bali