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We are thrilled to introduce Waiakea's sustainable and ethical apparel line! Aside from being extra soft and comfy, these tees embody Waiakea’s mission to Live Sustainably. With each apparel item purchased, Waiakea will plant five trees to aid in the restoration of healthy forests in Haiti, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Nepal. By partnering with Eden Projects, Waiakea aims to have a global positive impact on the accessibility of clean water, as well as the preservation of natural habitats. This collaboration made sense for Waiakea because of the important role trees play in the protection of water sources. Waiakea's existing program -- donating a month's supply of clean drinking water with each liter of Waiakea sold -- addresses the global issue of clean water supply from one angle, whereas this partnership with Eden Projects strives to tackle it from another.

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Trees play a vital role in the protection of clean water sources by acting as a buffer against dirty runoff from roads, agriculture and developments, filtering and absorbing stormwater and pollutants. Reforestation helps to control flooding and the erosion of streams' banks, keeping silt and the nutrient load of runoff out of the water supply. Without trees, water is contaminated, banks are eroded, streams dry up, and soil nutrients diminish drastically, forcing farmers and villagers to give up their crops and move to overcrowded cities looking for work. Today, only 3% of Ethiopian forests remain intact. With your help, we can make a difference: buy a tee and plant 5 trees with us!