Bottled Water Delivery: 5 Things that Differentiate Great Bottled Water from Bad

Hand catching a Waiakea bottle

Choosing a bottled water delivery service for your home or office can be confusing; too many options and not enough time. Often, people will find themselves comparing apples to oranges, or what feels like it. Here, we break down the 5 major categories that differentiate great bottled water from bad.

Bottled Water Delivery Gone Green: Is It Eco-Friendly?

This goes at the top of the list for us. We take sustainability seriously and so should you if you're considering consuming bottled water regularly. Try looking for a bottled water service that uses high-grade 100% RPET bottles - that includes the bottle, cap, and label. In comparison to regular or virgin plastic bottles, 100% RPET bottles use 85% less energy to manufacture, 90% less water, and reduce carbon emissions over 90%. Cherry on the top would be Carbon Neutral Certification, but not everyone is perfect ;)

Is It BPA-Free?

Bottled water companies increasingly use BPA-free plastic, but it's still worth asking when you're considering a bottled water delivery service. BPA is toxic and is an endocrine disrupter.
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Health Benefits: What's my Water Doing for Me?

Since you're already investing in a bottled water that inherently should be superior to the water that comes out of your tap, it may as well have some addition health benefits beyond hydration! Cue naturally alkaline water. Having a healthy acid/alkaline balance is said to be the source of many health and beauty benefits according to studies done on the topic1, which you can read more about here: Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water. Caution- there's a big difference between alkaline bottled water and naturally alkaline bottled water.

Taste: What Makes Water Taste Good?

The more obvious thing to consider when choosing a bottled water delivery service is taste. Want to take it a step further? Walk in the shoes of a water sommelier for a second and consider the:

Purity: Is it Safe to Drink?

Last but not least, there's purity to consider. Where is the water from? What is it exposed to? Can you see a water quality report? Waiakea takes pride in its purity, or otherwise called "Virginality", determined by the water’s level of nitrate. Nitrate is easily carried through soil by water, and this contamination may come from fertilizer, animal waste products, decaying plant matter, septic tanks, etc.
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