100% Single Origin Waiākea Hawaiian Coffee is here!

Start your morning off with aloha with our new 100% Single Origin Hawaiian Coffee!  

It is non GMO Verified, recognized by the Rainforest Alliance, and Fair-trade certified.  This 100% single origin coffee is made of coffee that was solely grown in Hawai'i.  Most Hawaiian coffee blends on the market are made of 10% Hawaiian grown coffee, with the rest being imported from other countries.

First up are our two roasts from the island of Kaua'i.  Grown exclusively on the lower slopes of ancient Wai'ale'ale, the rich volcanic soil combines with abundant mountain rain and tropical sunshine to give you the most delicious island-grown coffee in the world.

We have a long-history of innovating in the CPG industry and after exhaustive industry research and consultation with leading industry experts, we discovered that less than 1% of coffee brands' packaging is recyclable.   While many claim to be compostable, most are actually multi-layer packaging that contribute to environmental degradation.

Waiākea's coffees will be some of the first in the world to use 100% recyclable, high grade vacuum pouches, an effort that reinforces Waiākea's position as a leader of sustainable innovation in the beverage and greater consumer packaged goods industry. 

Our coffees will also be roasted using a patented smokeless process that results in 80% smaller carbon footprint and 80% smaller energy footprint when compared to conventional roasters. Lastly, Waiākea coffees are grown using 100% recycled water drip irrigation and regenerative soil practices in order to mālama i ka 'āina (respect and care for the land).

Available in ground and whole bean, purchase Waiākea coffee today! 

For every pound of Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Coffees purchased, we will donate a book to a child in need in Hawai'i through our award-winning Kōkua Initiative.

For an even better cup of coffee, brew your coffee with our naturally alkaline water.