Kalei Mau

Kalei Mau

Born and raised in Kahalu'u, Hawai'i, Kalei grew up close with her 'ohana, and never lost sight of her roots. After graduating from high school in Hawai'i, Kalei continued chasing her dreams by playing volleyball at The University of Arizona, ultimately leading her to the Philippines. As a Filipino-Hawaiian, Kalei was welcomed with warm arms and eventually gained dual citizenship. Currently, she is the first Filipino playing in USA's pro volleyball league, Athletes Unlimited. Kalei is known to be a light that inspires everyone around her, and holds a special place for her ohana on the island and her connection with water runs deep. "One of my favorite things about growing up in Hawai'i is the connection I have with water. As a daughter of lawai'a (fisherman) my love and appreciation for the ocean started from my very first meals as a pēpē. The ocean and mountains have been providing for my 'ohana since the beginning of time, water is the gift that keeps on giving." Her love for her family and Hawai'i aligns perfectly with our mission of living healthy, sustainably, and ethically.

Fun Facts

Hawaiian singer

Dual citizen of the Philippines and United States



Kalei's Favorite Waiākea Water