Naturally Alkaline Boxed Water

Naturally Alkaline Water: Boxed in Hawai'i

Our naturally alkaline boxed water is an even more sustainable alternative to our plastic and aluminum bottle options, plus the amount of water you’ll receive is unmatched. Perfect for ordering water in bulk. 

Our naturally alkaline water arrives at your doorstep, packaged within recycled cardboard and sealed with a recyclable plastic liner. With the principles of recycling always at the forefront, our liners can be sent back and upcycled into high-grade fuel and many other sustainable applications.   

Why Should You Try Waiākea’s Naturally Alkaline Boxed Water? 

We’ll try our best to keep it short: 

  • Starts as snowmelt and rain on the pristine peak of the active Mauna Loa volcano
  • Naturally alkaline pH of 7.6-8.2 packed with essential minerals and electrolytes
  • Certified CarbonNeutral® from sip to source
  • 1 liter purchased = 1 week of clean, safe water through Pump Aid
  • 10 upcycled bags = half a gallon of high-grade fuel
  • The same Waiākea you know, now in a 10L or 15L cardboard box!
  • Just open the spout and refill your favorite cup or reusable bottle as you go!
Have a question? Feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to assist. Mahalo!