Skater and Surfer Shane Borland Joins Waiakea Ohana

Shane Borland skating, surfing, and posting with a Waiakea water bottle

Shane Borland, affectionately called “Shano” by friends and family, can be found cruising the California coast looking for swells, chasing big waves on the North Shore and around the world, or tearing up the skate park at national contests. At 15, he’s a two sport-anomaly. In an interview with The Inertia, Shane explains "Skating adds to my surfing and surfing adds to my skating, it gives me flow.” As to be expected, Shane’s caught the attention of surf and skate big names, all agreeing that this guy’s got skills, and a promising future ahead.

Shane brings something refreshing to the table, both as an individual and a top-ranked amateur skater and surfer. Whether it's youthful fearlessness, or a humble demeanor and raw love for what he does, we’ve enjoyed getting to know him. We are thrilled to have him as a part of the Waiakea Ohana.

Shane Borland seemed like a great fit for our ambassador program by the simple fact that he lives the Waiakea lifestyle through his perseverance of making his passion and love, a career. His father, Jimbo Borland, who we had the pleasure of meeting when they visited Waiakea’s HQ, has evidently been a big support system for Shane, inadvertently highlighting the importance of family - ohana- and roots. Waiakea looks forward to following Shane's growth in the skate and surf world, and of course, keeping him hydrated with Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water.

"Meet the Waiakea Ohana"