Pets & PH: Why Your Pet Should Be Drinking Alkaline Water

Our pets are part of the family, right? You wouldn't want your loved ones eating unhealthy, processed food every day, including your furry friends. Dogs and cats are prone to the very same ailments and diseases as humans, especially when their diets are just as unhealthy as ours--they need nutrients and minerals, too! Processed dog and cat food can easily be the equivalent of fast food. Drinking naturally alkaline water can deliver bioavailable minerals and electrolytes, serving as a conduit for good health.

Water's Water, Right?

Water is an essential for both humans and animals, so why not give your pet water that's also filled with minerals? Just like in humans, water is responsible for keeping your pet’s body functioning at peak levels. It helps keep the digestive system moving, kidnies functioning, lubricates joints and is involved in a variety of other critical bodily functions.1

However, not all water is the same. There are differences between tap, distilled, and natural artisan water, and you can read more about it in our blog post here. To sum it all up, tap water is often treated using harmful chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals. While these impurities might cause us to steer clear of tap water, most of us don’t think twice about it when filling our pet’s bowl.

Alkaline, please!

By drinking naturally alkaline water, you and your pet can reap the health benefits of this superior form of good old H20. For one, naturally alkaline water is more easily absorbed by body tissues, leading to optimal hydration levels¹.

Just like humans, our pets need nutrients and minerals in their diet. Waiakea can give your pets these essential minerals:

  • Calcium
    Dog with sunglasses, relaxing on the beach
    • Most important during the growth and suckling stages of young puppies and kittens1
    • About 99% of calcium is stored in your dog's and cat's bones1
  • Potassium
    • Helps create energy1
    • Helps keep a balance of pressure with sodium1
  • Sodium
    • Helps balance the pressure in your dog's and cat's cells1
    • Regulates water intake1
    • Encourages your pet to drink water, flushing out toxins and other minerals that may become stones1
  • Magnesium
    • Helps build your pet's bones1
    • Produces energy1
    • Needed to promote a working nervous system1

Waiakea contains the RDI (recommended daily intake) of silica, which gives it its "soft" feel, as well as a host of health benefits like the minerals mentioned above. Word of caution -- make sure your alkaline water is naturally alkaline. There's a major difference between ionized water and naturally alkaline water. Naturally alkaline water has naturally occurring minerals that artificially alkaline water generally doesn't.

How About Food?

Accompanied by alkaline water, an alkaline diet can offer bioavailable minerals for your pet. Although there is little research to prove that an alkaline diet can actually change your pet's internal pH, eating alkaline foods ensures that your furry friends are receiving wholesome, mineral and nutrient filled meals2.

Be Mindful!

It is always advisable to speak with your veterinarian and do your research before making any changes to your pet’s diet, water included. If you do end up giving alkaline water a try, monitor any behavioral or physical changes over time in your pet and let us know how it goes!