Most Awarded Bottled Water

Woman drinking Waiakea

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water was among the most awarded bottled water brands of 2015. Six prestigious award platforms recognized Waiakea as a leader in the beverage space for its taste, design and innovation. Fast forward to 2017, and Waiakea has been voted a top bottled water for the fourth year in a row by 10 Best Water, as well as nominated as the best water in its category by Grub Street.

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Awards won in 2015 include

  • The National Restaurant Association, Food and Beverage Innovation Award (FABI)
  • Dojour Magazine, Most Elite Bottled Water on the Market
  • Good Morning America (ABC), Most Innovative Food Product
  • World Beverage Innovation Awards, Finalist: Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative or Report and Best Packaged Water
  • Best in Biz, Most Socially Responsible Company in North America (Gold)
  • 10 Best Waters, Best Water Brand
Waiakea has outperformed other premium bottled waters such as Fiji, Voss, and Evian for its taste, feel, and finish, receiving recognition by Forbes for being one of the fastest growing and most awarded bottled water companies in the country compared to different water brands available. Waiakea is excited to continue to deliver delicious tasting Hawaiian volcanic water while staying true to our company's core ethos of sustainability and charity, putting people over profits for years to come.
Hand holding a bottle of Waiakea