Jocelyn Alo

Jocelyn Alo drinking Waiakea water playing softball

Jocelyn Alo

Most recently named the "Home Run Queen", Jocelyn Alo was born and raised in Hawai'i and holds a special place for home through all her milestones. Her love for softball started with her dad, Levi. They would practice every day in her hometown of Hauʻula, forming an unbreakable bond that has supported her through all of her accomplishments to date.

Starting her college career with the Oklahoma Sooners, she quickly made a name for herself and was dubbed First-Team All-American and the NFCA Freshman of the Year. Since then, she has continued to make waves and was named Player of the Year, and most recently the Sports Illustrated Female Athlete of The Year.

Jocelyn is know to be a bright and supportive light and has made it her kuleana to raise awareness of the female talent in Hawai'i. Her passion for the community and giving back aligns perfectly with our values to live ethically and we are excited to collaborate with her and our Kōkua Initiative to continue to do so.

Fun Facts

Jocelyn wears no. 78 in homage to her father who wore the number as a lineman

Has 122 home runs, 27 more than the next closest

Jocelyn's Favorite Waiākea Water

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