Hand-Painted Camo Ruby Lotus Trucker

Hand-Painted Camo Ruby Lotus Trucker

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Olive Camo trucker with hand-painted goldy/ruby ombre lotus. Every hat is hand-painted... and even tho I’m really good at replicating my designs, each trucker will be just the slightest, most wee bit unique in its own way.


Otto cap foam face truckers OS and acrylic paint.


Message from the artist:

Aloha, my name is Tara B. I’m a born and raised Maui girl, who is a seeker of love, heart follower, ocean lover, and believer in magic. My hand-painted truckers started out being a personal need to keep my face from getting sunburned while I surf. Foam-faced truckers were the perfect vehicle, they float and are water-resistant.


When I paint it is a meditation for me, a prayer if you will. I weave love and kindness into every one of my pieces of wearable art. At this point, I've hand-painted well over 5000 truckers. And still, every single one is a blessing to me. The part I love the most about what my art has created is the Aloha and the ‘Ohana.


I now have customers (who I really consider dear friends even if I've never met them in real life) all over the world. A Tara B. Community has been started - beacons of love and kindness. So when you buy one of my hand-painted loves don’t be surprised if someone, or a few someones, stop you and share their Tara B. Stories with you. Once you have a Tara B. Original you will officially be part of the ‘Ohana. I warmly welcome you and invite you to keep spreading love and kindness, one hug and or smile at a time.

Love, Tara B. XO


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