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Golden Lei Manu Necklace

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Feathers were recognized as the highest form of currency in old Hawai`i. Golden feathers were one of the most valuable, as they were plucked from the now extinct 'ō'ō bird, who had only a few ruffles of golden feathers. Thousands of 'ō'ō birds were caught and released to create a full cape of golden feathers. To wear one was an honor reserved for only Hawai`i ali`i. Ths gold lei manu is an abstracted shape of a traditional Hawaiian feather cape, emphasizing the juxtaposition of its straight and curved lines. Its name comes from 2 Hawaiian words, “lei” meaning adornment, and “manu” meaning bird.

This piece is handcrafted in 14k gold fill, on a 18" chain. Pendant total height: 2.5"

green tea leaves is handcrafted, cut, shaped, and finished with a lightly hammered texture.


A note from the artist:


simple, architectural, and minimal metal from honolulu, hawaii.


I am an architect by trade, handcrafting simple and minimal jewelry in 14k gold fill and solid sterling silver.


As an architect, I am drawn to simple lines and strong shapes. There is also a strong relationship with us and our materiality and respecting the inherent qualities in them, so I keep a raw, organic edge to all of my pieces with natural cut gemstones and hammered finishes.


Architects always make sure buildings are comfortable to the human scale and take particular notice to everything at a touchable level. I am also greatly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of "wabi-sabi" - the beauty of imperfection and naturalness. Thus, each of my pieces are finished to showcase its handcrafted process: hand cut, shaped, hammered, and polished.


Jewelry design and metalsmithing is such a tactile and malleable medium that I love so much. The dichotomy of it calls for a great deal of precision and timing and is limited to the physical properties of metal and heat, but at the same time is so completely open to your imagination. It is also incredibly satisfying to be able to create a concrete form of the images floating around in my mind.


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Instagram: @greentealeaves_design

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